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For Movie productions We will work & support for you to product the best time lapse movie.

For Corporations & Local governments We will film and produce the best time lapse movie for you.

For Productions

Filming a time lapse movie is not simple and easy as you expect...

Even if an excellent camera man faces to a dolly, it is regret to say that he would not be able to bring out more than 10% of its performance and posibility.
It is quite normal, because a technique which is very different from general filming is required. Only a well experienced professional photographer who has been involved with using a dolly at many situations could make it possible. Fiilming time lapse is not simple, but requires many know-hows , Especially, like the sun rising and the sun setting with night scenes which are very typical popular scenes require a special technique filming with the PC connected to the camera to control , and this is obviously requires a well trained technique. Moreover, after processing to edit and create movie are where the supecial technque which is achieved with a rich experiences.

SKYPIX time lapse Creation provides you the best motion time lapse sequence using SKYPIX's professional dollies which match to the required particular scene. SKYPIX's time lapse dolly system has three axis movement ability, which are Rail(Slider), Pan and Tilt. The standard rail is three meter long. A 5m long rail is also available. Our system can realize the complex motions of slider, pan and tilt, strictly controlled by CPU as programmed in advance. For the case of difficulty of transporting equipment, we have small and light dolly systems, too. We also have a unique system to film the Hyper lapse movie (A sort of time lapse being filmed while running with a camera more than a few hundreds meters in distance) which enables to produce an outstanding movie , such as star field hyper lapse which needs long exposures that no other productions could realize.
Of course, we do also film a fixed time lapse sequence without using dolly, of course. A
Long-term time lapse to film the manufacturing process at construction site, ship building site, factory which takes from a few weeks to a few months is also available.

We have well equipped with hardware and software for 8K, and
8K time lapse is always available.
We are also providing video
filming by drone and a
video filming (4K 60P) as a complement video for the time lapse video.

We can do any work as long as it is a time lapse movie. We are happy to accept a difficult filming, a short sequence, as well.
We will do the best effort to be able to follow to your budget. Please feel free to inquire us anytime.

For Corporations & Local governments who are looking for PR movies

We recently recognize that time lapse movies are getting very popular for website and promotion videos. That it because its richness of the power of expression is now well known to everybody. To introduce the beauty and dynamic scene of the nature or environment, time lapse movies can express much better than normal video movies. We are specialized in this field, accumulating many experiences and know-how.

A Time lapse movie can be realized with its best quality only when the camera is mounted and driven on the multi-axis time lapse dolly system. SKYPIX time lapse Creation provides the ultimate time lapse images, using the best matched equipment from a rich stocks of Skypix Dolly System, as the mother body of us is a company which manifacture and sell them. We also have an unique sysytem to film Hyperlapse movie (A sort of time lapse being filmed while running with a camera for more than a few hundreds meters in distance) which enables to produce an outstanding movie which no other productions may realize.

We are ready to fill-up 100% of your request.

Our Activities

TV-CM(TOYOTA, DAIHATSU, Beer companies, etc.), TV Documentary(NHK "Nippon Impressionist", TV-Tokyo "Footprint of Scenery", etc.), TV Drama, Exhibition promotion movie, Web-CM, Local governments promotion movie, etc.
We have experienced many time lapse filmings in various fields.

Works examples in TV related area

AQUA TV-Ad "Drive in Japan Edition"
(Released on 18th June 2017)
Four scenes filmed by us are adopted as a part of Ad.
(Link to Youtube channel)

Here is our original work

TV Tokyo
"Foot print of Landscape #16"
- A Miracle Survivor Pine Tree -
(Broadcasted on Jul.18, 2017)
Time lapse and drone video filmed by us.
Here is our original work
TV Tokyo
"Foot print of Landscape #29"
- A Heart-shaped beam of light at Nomizo Fall -
(Broadcasted on Oct.17, 2017)

Time lapse filmed by us.

Here is our original work
TV Tokyo
"Foot print of Landscape #38"
- Miyagase Dam, Kiyokawa Village -
(Broadcasted on Dec.19, 2017)

Time lapse & drone video filmed by us.

Here is our original work
TV Tokyo
"Foot print of Landscape #43"
- Wajima city, Ishikawa pref. Shiroyone paddy field-
(Broadcasted on Jan.23,2018)

Time lapse & drone video filmed by us.

Here is our original work
"Nippon Impressionism"
- Cherry blossom in Hirosaki -
(Broadcasted on Mar.27, 2020)

Time lapse scenes filmed by us.
NHK East Japan Great Earthquake Project
"For tomorrow. Live with Shinhama beach - Together with the home beach which has endured Tsunami - "
(Broadcasted on Jan. 5, 2020)

Time lapse scenes filmed by us
TV Tokyo
[2hours Special Program] "47 prefectures Popularity Ranking" (2nd place:God's Road, Saga Pref.)"
(Broadcasted on Feb. 18 2020)

Time lapse scenes filmed by us
Here is our original work
TV Tokyo
Uchimura's Video Awards
(Rikugien's Cherry blossom blooming in 2 weeks filming)
(Broadcasted on Apr. 14 2020)

Time lapse scenes filmed by us
TV-Ad "CHOYA QUALITY Edition" (15sec.,30sec.), "CHOYA QUALITY Alc.0% Edition" (15sec.)
(Released on Aug.11, 2020)
Four scenes filmed by us are adopted as a part of Ad.
(Link to Youtube channel)
* CHOYA QUALITY Alc.0% Edition (15sec.)
TAFT TV-CM "Starry Sky Edition"
(Broadcasted on Feb. 12 2021)
(Link to Youtube channel)

Ttime lapse scenes filmed by us
SUPER DRY TV-CM "New Super Dry starts Edition" (30sec.)
(Released on Feb. 28, 2022)
(Link to Youtube channel)

Time lapse scene filmed by us

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Koichiro Oka

Time lapse Photographer

Address: 741-4 Iwasawa, Hanno, Saitama, 357-0023 JAPAN
Telephone: 042-978-5681


* As I speak English, Spanish, Korean fluently, I will be able to coordinate well with foreign productions.
* As I have experience to live in Spain and Fiji for several years, and have had many business trips to overseas, I am well accustomed with business activities in overseas.
* My life style is " Creation, Action, and Challenge".
* I love my own motto "A life is love and man's adventurous spirit."

One of the first time lapse photographers in Japan. Born in 1952.
I was full of enthusiasm for taking digital photos of deep space galaxy using a telescope and digital equipment as a hobby in my company employee days (Mizuho Bank). After the retirement, living in Fiji for two years, being fascinated by the unimaginable beauty of nature, I started to film time lapse movie, which had been already in boom in overseas, learning how to do it from forerunners out there.
After I returned to Japan, established SKYPIX JAPAN which deals with motion time lapse equipment, and established SKYPIX Timelapse Creation as a filming & production division. Actively involved with the leading-edge technology as a pioneer of the professional motion time lapse photographer in Japan.
On the other hand, actively involved as a pioneer of time lapse in Japan, writing to published "The ultimate time lapse filming and image processing", and also spreading the ultimate time lapse processing software, "LRTimelapse" developed by Gunther Wegner in Germany into Japan, taking a role of support center in Japan.
Have been successful filming many works with a theme of "Great nature" in overseas and domestic. Have record of various TV commercials and documentary programs.

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