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Service Item  Price Remarks
Shooting   Time lapse movie_
Hyper lapse movie
Negotiable for
each project

1. Shoot the impressive and effective Motion Time lapse for presentation, using SKYPIX's professional dollies (Max. length 5m is in stock).

2. Hyper lapse using a Hyper lapse Dolly, running through hundreds of meter of distance is also available.

3. We will shoot the perfect images controlling SKYPIX's dolly as accurate as possible, according to the requested framing and motions.

4. Fixed imaging time lapse without using any motion equipment is also possible.

5. Starry sky time lapse, and Day to Night / Night to Day time lapse can be provided.

6. Shooting for image in a size up to 8K is available.

7. Although many sequences for nature objects are introduced in the Gallery, we will shoot various objects such as city scenery, industrial & public facilities and so on.

8. Discussions and arrangements can be done in English, if you need.

9. We will be glad to accept a so-called a troublesome shooting, or a small & short sequence shooting as well.

10. We are very glad to discuss with you about the content of the services including the cost to be flexible according to your requirements of your project. Please do not hesitate to contact us and discuss with us.

Long-term Time lapse movie Negotiable for
each project

1. Long-term time lapse movie from a couple of weeks to a couple of months at the construction site of apartment house, condominium, or at the manufacturing site like shipbuilding yard, factory is also possible to be shot (with a resolution about 5470pix X 3640pix)

2. We will set up a system to shoot the movie stably without failures. We will continuously capture the images by a remote system, therefore, it is possible to report the update status to you.

3. The cost may be varied a lot upon the conditions of the site and the term of shooting. Please do not hesitate to contact us and discuss with us.

Drone video Negotiable for
each project

1. We are not specialized in drone video shooting, but we have a blanket license for flying drone in Japan. If you need some complement drone video for the time lapse scene, we may be able to provide it to achieve your full satisfaction.

2. In case you simply order us to shoot the drone video only, there would be a case that we can not satisfy your request. Please contact us to let us know the detail first.

Processing Process RAW files to create a complete movie.  Negotiable for
each project

1. Process the RAW files to a complete movie file, after required retouching. Principally, we accept shooting orders including this post processing work as a set.

2. Sophisticated retouching with LRTimlepase, Lightroom, After Effects, etc.

3 .Holy Grail shooting (Day to Night or Night to Day) can be processed to be an extremely smooth movie.

4. Price may be varied upon actual processing contents and the volume. We will be flexible for this, too, according to your requirements of your project.

5. We deliver the image in a size up to 8K according to your request, in a ProRes video file. If you need, we can deliver intermediate TIFF files for the time lapse sequence as well.

Production work Work to complete as a final movie Negotiable for
each project

1. If you wish, we will work to complete as a final movie that you are looking for, according to your rough image or script.

2. Through the repeated meeting with you, we will also propose the ideal scene which could be realized only with using a motion time lapse or hyper lapse methods.

3. All the cost may be determined flexibly together with shooting and processing. We are always happy to discuss with you.

Licensing License cost for use of the sequence
of the works and materials shot by us
Negotiable but depending on the actual cost of the shooting
1. We sell a "license to use" for our work ior particular sequence) in "Gallery", and for materials in "Material Video".

2. The length of the scene in each work may have been played faster than the original sequence to stage for effect.(x2 to X4) In these cases, it is possible that we maintain original sequence in slower and longer play. It is also possible that we have videos in ProRes Non-compressed format. Please iquire us of details.


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